Alzheimer's A to Z

with Dr. Jytte Fogh Lokvig

Dr. Jytte Fogh Lokvig is a nationally recognized Alzheimer’s specialist with expertise in communication, effective approaches, and creative caregiving with more than two decades of experience working with people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

She designs fun and stimulating engagement programs that greatly improve the lives of residents living in longterm care facilties, as well as those living with family members at home. She works with clients near and far, in person or by phone.

Some specialties: Counseling caregivers on effective communication and approaches. Guiding people living with dementia to find purpose.  

Dr. Lokvig started the first Alzheimer's Café in the United States and has mentored many cafes that have opened since then.

Jytte collaborates with other experts around the country to improve the lives of everyone living with dementia or caring for a person living with dementia. She has long been active in several progressive national organizations, including The Dementia Action Alliance and the Pioneer Network.






For Family Caregivers, Care Facilities and Care Agencies:

Caregiving Techniques • Crisis Management • Program Design

Staff Development • Early Stage Counseling